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The Basics

ALL runners must carry the mandatory gear, excluding the 6k participants. 


Runners can be supported by a support crew. The runner must not accept aid from the crew except at the Balook Visitor’s Centre checkpoint.

The crew are subject to all the rules that cover the runner and must respect the directions of the run organisers. The crew must obey road rules when travelling on vehicular roads and be cautious of runners on the road at all times.

Crew must not eat the food at checkpoints provided for runners.


Under no circumstances can a runner be transported in a moving vehicle unless withdrawn from the race.

A runner cannot accept a lift if discovered off course due to error in order to return to the course. To re-join the race the runner must retrace their path until back on the course where they left it.

Runners can sit or sleep in a stationary vehicle at the checkpoint after checking in.


Runners numbers will be supplied at check in. These must be worn and clearly visible at all times.


A runner can withdraw from the race at any checkpoint. It is important to notify the nearest official of your intent to withdraw. Unless the runner has support crew, it may be necessary to wait for the last runner to come through before a ride can be arranged to the start/finish. If you withdraw and do not notify organisers a search may be instituted and you will be responsible for this.


Breach of any rules described in this can lead to disqualification. The Race Director has the discretional authority to prevent any competitor from starting (even after successful entry) or continuing if the runner or crew are deemed to have breached the Race Rules or it is considered the runner will be at risk for whatever reason.


Pacers are only allowed on the final loop of the 100km course. Pacers must register their participation in the event to receive a special ‘pacer bib’ and are also required to carry the mandatory gear.