DRH again receives International Trail Running Association (ITRA) course accreditation

The International Trail Running Association has introduced a new race evaluation service. This service introduces a major updating of ITRA points (now a 1 to 6 scale) and new evaluation criteria called "Mountain" and "Finisher". For full details on the updated ranking system please check here.



The main benefit of DRH being evaluated by the ITRA is that runners can easily compare the difficulty of different races both in Australia and around the world. And for entry purposes to events such as the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc held in Chamonix, France and is regarded as the foremost ultra distance trail event in the World. For more details on qualifying for UTMB check here.


For a list of events around the world check the ITRA Calendar. Entries for 2016 UTMB are open from 16th Dec 2015- 6 Jan 2016, so Duncan's Run Hundred is your last chance to pick up a few crucial points.

DRH Mt Tassie 25km course map and description

The Mt Tassie section of the Grand Strzelecki Track was used twice during the 2013 Duncan's Run Hundred. Since adding the new Mack's Creek trail to the course, the full 100km course only needs to climb Mt Tassie once. Another difference will be the loop is run anti-clockwise this year. At 720m in elevation Mt Tassie is the highest point of the Strzelecki Ranges, and on a clear day there are great views to Latrobe Valley and Mt Baw Baw range in the north, and Bass Strait and Wilson's Promontory in the South.

The 25km course will be the final loop for the full 100km course, and also the 3rd leg of the teams relay. There will be no solo race for this course. 



Duff's Trail

Heading north from the Visitors Centre (like the first 2 loops), the course crosses Grand Ridge Rd after 1km and continues north for another 3km. After leaving the national park boundary you cross the Traralgon-Balook Rd and then enter Duff's Trail. 3km of single track heaven through the most amazing forest, this is one of the highlights of the course. An with the change in direction most runners will complete this section before dark. After Duff's Trail, turn right onto Old Calignee South Road and enjoy the gentle downhill running for 3km before turning left onto some smaller plantation roads. A small creek crossing (perhaps dry in December) will signal the climbing starts again, this time it won't stop all the way to Mt Tassie summit. 




Enjoy the view, and perhaps sunset before crossing Traralgon-Balook Rd again and descending a nice fact trail for 7km to the landslip site. The final big climb of the course is a tough one, but solo runners will know what to expect as the route is the same as the finish of the 50km course. Once again over The Grand Ridge Rd, across the swing bridge and a short climb to the finish. 


Those with good maths brains may have worked out that 50km + 28k + 25km does not equal 100km. Yes the full distance is about 103km, so think of it as 3% bonus at no extra cost :-)


Entries open are now open

DRH 28km course map and description

For 2014 we have introduced 20km of unique trail on the Grand Strzlecki Track that was not included in last years course. The 28km Mack's Creek Loop will be the 2nd Loop of the Hundred KM course (50-77km), 2nd leg of the teams relay, and also a solo race beginning at 9am.



The course starts with another loop of the Suspension Bridge track to bring consistency to course markings. After crossing Bulga Park Rd (still on huge same route at the 50km course), the course continues on Old Yarram Balook Rd. This section is very fast, predominately downhill, and includes some great views to the farmland and coastline to the south including Wilson's Promontory. 


After almost 10km of descending there is a hard turn to the left onto Roberts Rd and a tiny section of sealed road before starting the long climb back up to Balook. There are some brand new sections of stairs through rough forest and quite a few slippery creek crossing to keep it interesting and a big contrast to the first half. The crux of the course comes after 20km with a very steep section- 1km @20% gradient on very soft surface. But it's not over yet, another 6km of climbing (easier gradient) until you reach the back of Balook township before a short run downhill to the start/finish area. Nice views, a variety of running surfaces and plenty of physical challenges, what more could you want from a run! And only another 25km to go to finish Duncan's Run Hundred. 


Course Map